Before You Tan

Your skin is a canvas and therefore, exfoliation is the key to receiving the best color, overall appearance & long lasting color from a sunless tan. The more you exfoliate prior to your tan, the better. Ideally, a day or two before your sunless tan is the best. When you exfoliate (using a loofah & moisturizing exfoliator - see our "BUY IT" tab for our exfoliating products, made specifically for a sunless tan), you are removing dead skin and any dirt, oils & impurities, which will reveal a more 'neutral' canvas to start with. It also helps remove barriers that can prohibit proper DHA absorption into your skin. If you were not able to exfoliate before your custom spray tan, we can provide you with our PH Balanced Pre-Tan spray for just $5!


  • Two days before the application take a long bath. Exfoliate your entire body focusing on your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, chest, underarms and (women: between and under breasts).
  • After you exfoliate, moisturize your skin BEFORE drying off.
  • The day before you tan, shave and exfoliate again when you shower or bathe and moisturize before you dry off.
  • The day of your tan, avoid exfoliating and shaving (within 4 hours prior to your session). Do not use any lotions, perfumes, make-up (if possible) or deodorant. This could keep the spray tanning solution from adhering and absorbing into the skin properly.
  • Schedule any manicures/pedicures, hair, massage, waxing, etc. appointments PRIOR to your tanning session.
  • If you are pregnant, consult with your physician prior to your spray tanning session.
  • Wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment. Avoid tight under garments, socks, shoes, or other clothing that may rub off the spray tan solution.

NOTE: If you recently have been in the sun and burned your skin, wait until your skin heals and you are not peeling. Your skin needs to be in prime condition for optimal results of a spray tan.