TANtalizing Products


Prep Before You Tan

Being prepared is always a good thing! These pre-tan products will help prepare your skin so that you will receive the best tan results possible. Our top of the line, quality products are noncomedogenic and do not contain Sulfates, Parabens, Formaldehydes, Paba, Mineral Oil or Lanolin.

Exfoliator Scrub/8 oz.
This rich & creamy Cinnamon Pumpkin scented scrub, will exfoliate dead skin to prepare your skin for a smooth, soft surface and help prevent blotchy fading.

Exfoliating Body Wash/8 oz.
This dual action, natural fruit-based Iced Cranberry scented wash, smoothes away dry, rough skin and protects your skin from free radicals. It will also rejuvinate your skin with the healthy antioxidants your skin needs.


Maintain After You Tan

Protect your investment! Your airbrush tan will only last as long as you properly care for it. Utilizing specially made post-tan after care products will help maintain the longevity, appearance and quality of your tan.

Daily Body Washes:
Store bought soap & shower gels contain alcohol & other harsh chemical tan stealers! These specially formulated daily-use washes, contain essential, skin nourishing and moisturizing natural ingredients made to make you smell good, get clean and maintain your tan longer without stripping your tan.

"Bodyguard"/16 oz.
"Revelation" / 8 oz.

Tan Extender Lotions:
A must have for after your tan. Using a tan extender lotion daily not only deposits natural essential moisturizing ingredients the skin desperately needs, but most importantly helps keep your tan color lasting longer. All these products contain DHA tanning ingredient.

"Revive Ultra"/8 oz.
(Fair skin tones)
This dual purpose bronzing lotion, when used daily, will extend your tan, moisturize your skin and provide slight color.

"Body Armor"/8 oz.
(Fair-medium skin tones)
Applied to your body before you go to bed, this moisturizing tan extender will help replenish your tan between sunless tanning sessions. Recommended avoid contact with water for at least 6 hours.

"Kevlar Face"/2 oz.
(Fair-dark skin tones)
Because the tan on your face fades the quickest, you want the color to match the rest of your body. Even if you choose not to have your face sprayed initially, this is the perfect solution to look even from head to toe! Prolong your sunless tan with this lightweight, warm vanilla scented gel. It is designed specifically for post-tan and works best at night, just after you wash your face. It works over night, while you sleep.

"Revive Plus"/12 oz.
(Fair-medium skin tones)
An Aloe Vera based daily moisturizing lotion will create even tanned color, maintain your spray tan longer and fade more evenly.

Self Tanning Products:
When the beach is out of reach! These top-of-the-line self tanners banish the fake, orange looking tan-in-a-can, store bought tanners. Loaded with nourishing, natural ingredients, no one will ever know you did it yourself.

"Caribbean Spray Tan"/7 oz.
(Fair-Dark skin tones)

"Envy Tan Spray"/7 oz.
(Medium-Dark skin tones)

"Ultra Bronze Lotion"/8 oz.
(Fair-Dark skin tones)

Keep It GLOWing! (Product Special)
Buy 3 of any pre and/or post-tan products & receive 10% discount on your entire order! Mix-n-match your products for a truly custom tan. These products also make great gifts. *Prices above do not include shipping charges. Product payment available via: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal andcash (in person). Credit card processing fee may be applied. Due to health regulations, all products purchased are non-refundable, upon receipt.